Coaching is a great way for anyone to

unlock potential

sharpen skills

grow confidence

To do this, there are several ways of working together depending on your needs. 

Each will drive meaningful change into your career.

How you wish to proceed is entirely up to you, however if you are still unsure, book a no obligation call and let’s chat it through.

Fast Track

 Ideal when you need clarity, inspiration or  tools to help you more forward quickly and comfortably, whatever your challenge


An in-depth programme focused on unlocking true potential, developing your skills and enable the transformational change you really want

Not sure where to start?

There are no set rules regarding what can be covered on the Fast Track or the Transform programmes. 

Here are just some of the topics clients look to review:

  • Achieve Great Leadership
    • Boost your influence
      • Handle Imposter Syndrome
        •  Manage people with ease
          • Run your team effectively
            • Get the career you want


It’s a form of learning, where the coach supports and facilitates someone making progress in some way. Progress can be reaching a goal or solving a problem, changing a behaviour or initiating a change in your life.

Coaching does not ignore the past, however the focus is very much on where you are now and your future. The goal is to clearly identify the future you want, and understand clearly how you get there from where you are today.

Coaching is not structured training or class learning, or any form of psychoanalysis, therapy, medical treatment or counselling. it is also not a way for someone else to solve your problems for you.

First and foremost coaching is about brilliant conversations!! It combines questions, listening, observation and feedback to create conversations where you learn about yourself and look at things through a different lens. 

We discuss your goals and needs. You gain a much greater awareness and understanding of current situations and together, we develop the tools and skills you need to achieve the goals you want.

You need someone who will listen to you, ask you the right questions and crucially give you time and space to reflect, gather your thoughts and process how you feel.

Your coach will not offer you advice or solutions,  but will respectfully and positively challenge your way of thinking, encouraging you to see different perspectives and new possibilities.

Coaching is an investment in you not the coach. To get the most out of it you have to put as much effort in as you can.

How you do that is by committing to the process, engaging and contributing to the discussions as openly and honestly as you can and working between sessions on the things you identify in each session.

100% confidential.  I am affiliated to the Association for Coaching (AoC), and the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC), subscribing to their specific Coaching & Mentoring Codes of Practice.

Nothing relating to you or anything we discuss in session is shared anywhere or with anyone, and no information or data is kept regarding the content of the sessions. 

The only information kept is an electronic log of our meetings for my ongoing accreditation to the above mentioned bodies (Date, time, location, Name, contact email & phone number).

Upon completing my practitioner qualifications with the Academy of Executive Coaching, I am affiliated to the Association for Coaching (AoC) and the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC), subscribing to both codes of practice.

For the Transform plan, a 50% payment is required before session one, with the balance required before session 4.

All other plans require payment in advance.